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Jilani Jones Mwangolo

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1 . 1 . Background Information3

1 . 2 . Research Problem3

1 . 3. Objectives4

1 ) 3. 1 Project Objectives4

1 . three or more. 2 System Objectives4

1 ) 4. Significance of the Study5


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1 . 1 ) Background Information

Jumuia Bank is known as a renowned traditional bank in Kenya which has over 46 limbs nationwide in Kenya. Its headquarters is located in Nairobi in Hurlingham, Lenana Road, Jumuia house, third floor. In each region, there by least a few branches, therefore its network is quite significant and very well spread. Because at the close of 08, Jumuia Lender had a personnel establishment of two, 000 personnel. Started in 06\, the financial institution continues to be certified by the Central Bank of Kenya (CBK), and it provides quite a number of solutions, inclusive of: пѓјBanking services

пѓјLoan grants

пѓјMortgage services

пѓјSmall Micro Business services

пѓјCorporate activities

пѓјFinancial advice

пѓјIssuance of brokers cheques

пѓјInsurance services(Latest Implementation)

пѓјMobile Financial

пѓјForeign Exchange services

пѓјATM services, and many others

1 . 2 . Research Trouble

Over the modern times, Jumuia Traditional bank has grown as a well known and revered financial institution, having spread the wings countrywide from a figure of 3 million signed up customers in 2007 into a figure of 6. being unfaithful million in 2009, quite a fast growth. The number is so big and after exploration on the business, and most financial institutions, I noticed that the company may actually twice this quantity of clientele by simply implementing an internet account enrollment. The system is not only meant to broaden the number of targeted customers, but to enhance financial institution activities with relation to solutions provided to the customers.

1 . 3. Goals

1 . three or more. 1 Task Objectives

The projects primary objectives incorporate:

пѓјAssess the relevant business solutions to the problems stated within Jumuia Bank. This permits me since the researcher to know the kind of answer, or rather solution to the difficulties at hand. пѓјDevelop a functional user-friendly website interface and safeguarded connection to Jumuia's main system database such that once users key in all their data and submit, the information is kept in a central server. пѓјDevelop a comprehensive records that will be used as a guidebook in future system developments and maintenance. This assisted in further improvements and static correction of the program. 1 . several. 2 Program Objectives

пѓјEnsure that users can be in a position to open their very own accounts within a convenient and secure way at a convenient time anytime, everywhere as long as they are really connected to the net. пѓјAllow for users to evaluate their purchase and consideration details easily; again, whenever anywhere. пѓјImplement time-saving and convenience. Rather than manually acquire bio info from prospective customers and being forced to feed the information to their databases at a later time. пѓјEase the process of info entry intended for the employees.

пѓјAlleviate customer accounts opening program within the bank.

1 . 5. Significance with the Study

The primary significance of this study should be to better the first most common services banks present to their customers-account opening, consuming context the situation example of Jumuia Bank. In as much as the majority of banks aim to have the most of customers in the country, most financial institutions in Kenya do this in various forms-manual and automated, elizabeth. g. advertising and marketing, business fares, exhibitions, business activities, cellular services, yet there is one particular lacking factor they do not carry out; rather, they cannot do conveniently- the initial step, which is account sign up. All accounts registration is done in a way in which potential customers have to go to a bank physically to open a merchant account with the relevant bank, or where there happen to be business deals and the banks' stands need to convince buyers...